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I forgot renew my domain name this year, and lost it for a few days. Fortunately I was able to regain it before it was permanently released.

Physics and Photons

A long time ago some co-workers and I were discussing a sphere (of any size really) made of a perfect one-way mirror, such that light (photons) could enter, but never leave. The question what would happen.

One co-worker suggested a black hole would be created as the mass continually increased as more and more photons were trapped.

Today I learned (or re-learned possibly) that photons have no mass., of course it is never as simple as it seems. Technically they have no rest mass. It gets complicated.

So any thoughts on what would happen with a photon trapping sphere?

Hottest Speakers on the planet


I had heard about these for years, and thought they were relatively new. It is funny to learn that they are actually older than CD's.


I like music

I like music, but I am not blind! My guests should not feel as if my home has been invaded by cylons. Starting at $135,000 per pair you would think they could have a little more aesthetic appeal.

Better Screen Shot

I learned how to take screen shots in EVE without the UI controls present. Here is a better shot of my mining vessel.

Bi-Annual Complaint

I really really hate the uselessness that is daylight savings. Why can't we pick one time and stick to it?

Pictures and Pixels

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a pixel worth. Assuming 1000 words is the upper limit on a picture, then those really gigantic panoramic pictures really de-value their pixel/word ratio.

Long Trip

I am not much of a traveler, so when I do travel it can be tiring. This weekend my family and I went to Dallas. We just got back and I am exhausted, but I wanted to at least post to keep up my part of the bargain and to owe chikuru one less quarter.

EVE Online

So I took the plunge and actually starting paying for EVE Online. Apparently I am destined to become a miner, as that is what I enjoy doing the most (at least so far).

Vampires and such

Lately I have been watching True Blood on HBO. I have seen the first few episodes, but I have still not made up my mind if I like it or not. It seems to demystify vampires a bit too much, and the characters are all a little kooky. All the same I will keep watching for a little while, just to see where it goes.


EVE Online

I started playing EVE online to see what it was like, since I have heard so much about it. So far I like it, but as with all MMO's they tend to get pretty grindy pretty fast. I will see where this one goes. So far I am playing it with the 14 day free trial. For those that know the game, I tried to get as deep in 0.0 space as I could. I was 1 jump away, on a 29 jump trip, when I got killed. :)


Nerd Kits

I stumbled across this cool website today selling nerd kits. My favorite use was for their kits that they showed was the Magnetic levitator on this page.

Sweet Potatoe Success

Apparently sweet potatoes are the secret to success. When I used regular potatoes I always ended up with a foul smelling moldy mush.


Post Hiatus

After too long of a hiatus. I finally started posting again. By my count I owe my blog buddy $1.75. This is before I subtract any monetary amount he may owe me. A quick glance through his posts, and it looks like we are even.

Python Version

In regards to this, here is the python version:

def initialList(size):
   return [0 for x in range(size)]

def XinY_Go(x,y,index,slots):
   if (y - index) == 1:
      slots[index] = x
      print slots
      slots[index] = 0
   for i in range(x+1):
      slots[index] = x-i
      XinY_Go(x-(x-i), y, index + 1, slots)

def XinY(x,y):
   return XinY_Go(x,y,0,initialList(y))

My next task is to remove the recursion. I have a fairly good idea of how to do it, but it will take me a few iterations to get it right.


A while ago I posted this. I have since discovered a few things.

1. Determining the number of ways to distribute X things in Y slots is the same formula as finding the binomial coefficients as in pascals triangle.
2. The code given in the comments is not tail recursive but is linearly recursive, which makes it much harder to remove the recursion.

This isn't to say that the recursion cannot be removed, but that it is harder than removing tail recursion.



Of late I have been doing a lot more juggling. It has been fun to get back into it. I just wish I had time to actually go to the meetings. Hopefully as Titan gets older we will be able to do that as a father and son. Then when he is 17 he can grow to hate me for forcing him to juggle, but I am prepared to deal with that long term pain for the short term gain. :)

As a parent what other "enriching" activities do you think should I force my child to do?


On Contraptions

I wish my friend had never sent me the link to this website: Fantastic Contraption. The solution to the left is not mine, but rather another users. If only mine were so elegant.

Treaty Oak Rum

One of my co-workers owns the distillery which makes Treaty Oak Rum. In addition to being made from scratch by hand, it is based right here in Texas. Before you ask, I cannot get you a free bottle, but you can by it at most local liquor stores here in Austin. Though I don't actually drink, hearing about the process has been fascinating. He also has extensive knowledge of how most other liquors are made.


Pictured to the right is our son's exersaucer. When he was younger this was a great device to keep him both safe and occupied. Now that he is older, it is actually more dangerous then just letting him walk around. He gets frustrated, and leans the whole thing way over. If allowed to tip he would land right on his head. They grow so fast!



Since I started work at Paypal, I have not been able to ride my motorcycle. Today I was able to get out and ride for an hour and a half. The route I chose was boring as motorcycle routes go, but it was nice to ride again. The only downer was the heat at stop lights. Even so I would do it again!


Okra Recipe (Bonus Post)

First clean your okra. I just hand wash it in the sink, and set the wet okra on a paper towel to wick away the excess moisture. Once the okra is clean cut it into bite sized chunks. I always throw away the tip which was connected to the stalk, since I am a finicky eater. You may be less picky. Once the okra is cut you want to make a batter mixture which is one part flour and one part corn meal. Make as much as you think you need, but I would recommend starting with one half cup of each ingredient. Melt enough shortening in an iron skillet, so that it is deep enough for the first batch of okra to float in. Turn the burner to medium high on a gas stove. Throw all the okra into the batter mix, since okra has it's own slime built into it, there is no need to dip it in any kind of egg or egg-like mixture first. Once the shortening is melted and hot drop some of the battered okra into the grease. I cook it until the white part starts to darken. My mother cooks it until the green part starts to darken, stir at least once, and be warned that each batch takes about 10-15 minutes depending on your preference. Cooking it longer makes it crispier. Place freshly cooked okra on some papers towels (in a bowl or on a plate) to drain the excess grease. Cook rest of okra the same way and enjoy!



My wife started using the Greenling service. Basically they bring you fresh, local, organic produce once a week. You sort of get a choice, but basically they give you what is available. This week they gave us okra! Sweet! My wife being a yankee hates okra, so I told her I would cook it the way my mom used to. She agreed to try it if I cooked it. The end result! She liked it!


Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was my 7th wedding Anniversary. It was really nice, to celebrate the City of Austin put on a fireworks show. I think the do it to carry on the tradition. When we were married they put on a great fireworks show as well. Additionally people around our neighborhood put on a fireworks display as well. All in all it was very cool.

Tonight we will celebrate by having a nice dinner at the Driskill Grill.

On The Verge

Titan is on the verge of walking, and it is funny to watch him take really, really, tentative steps when he is so fearless when he crawls. Any day now he will be running!


Grammar and Vocabulary

I've noticed that since I have started reading books less and web pages more, both my vocabulary and grammar have declined. I need to start reading real literature again before my brain rots completely.

Any suggestions?

Too late!

I have stayed up far too late playing games and posting to live journal for my own good. Now I must go to bed. Good night!

Email piling up.

I have a bad habit of letting email, which I should respond to, pile up. And for some reason the more important the email the more likely I am to procrastinate in sending a response. I really need to improve on that (as well as a bunch of other faults).


After I posted the image in the previous post, I wondered if I had violated copyright. I mean in the legal sense, because who wouldn't want me to use promo art to promote their game? I am pretty sure it falls under fair use, since it was technically a review. I guess I'll know if I hear anything from the Penny Arcade guys. I seriously doubt I will.

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