Grieve (grieve) wrote,

Spell checker's nightmare!

Ymdn nn xnumzm nn f qdyygj rjmj inkadxzgo omvs wty13. Bcvo rvfjx no owdxfd dx ocj kvho ymvy ocz mtyvynji dx mvsytsgt kqpn adaj tm hdizn kdaj frft awjh omj jwnbdivg gzoozm. N fstb ycfo Qzqtnj rvx vwgj yj adbzwj ymnx jiz tzo, nt D mvqz jazwt afnoc ocvo mfvbf123 vsi Xcnpzmz bnqg mvaz it ymjzgqj rdyc dy.

N yt kdii dy tiy ymvo D yjiy oj ljo htwj xjhhzsyx ti ht jsxmtuyzi ujxox. N bzjnn kjjugz qnfz v hmvqgzibj. Ocnx nx rd gvny ktxy ja ocz bjjf fsy inbcy. Mjuzkpgqd N bdgg it wjoyzw szcy rzjp ds utxydib tixj kjm yfd.
Tags: cipher, decipher

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