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Warning this entry not for snake lovers.
Friday my wife and I were walking Titan around the neighborhood. As we were getting close to home I noticed a snake in the street heading towards us. I am not a herpetologist, nor do I play one on TV, so I cautioned my wife about the snake just in case it was poisonous.

About this time the owner of the house we were in front of came out, I don't know her name, and we warned her that a snake was in her yard as by this time it has slithered out of the street into the grass. She was concerned and asked me if it was poisonous. I stated that I did not know, but I would be willing to kill it for her if she would give me a garden tool such as a hoe.

She brought me a shovel, and I approached the snake from the rear. I jammed the shovel at the base of its head and severed the head from the body. The body stopped moving almost instantly, but the head was active for far longer than I thought was natural.

At this point a nearby neighbor came by to investigate, and said he thought it was a bull snake (non-poisonous). Surprisingly (to me at least) the lady seemed upset that we may have killed a poisonous snake.

I have no desire to randomly kill wildlife, but I really have a hard time feeling sorry for a snake. Evolution has made sure of that, and I would rather kill one or two non-poisonous snakes than take the chance that they are poisonous. In the future I guess I could get a field guide to snakes and know for sure.

And to assuage any snake lovers who clicked through, if I had seen the snake in a wild life area, and not my neighborhood, I would not have killed it regardless of its poisonous non-poisonous status.
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