Grieve (grieve) wrote,


Much has happened. Me and my wife went on our honeymoon cruise. It was wonderful. We were on the ship Voyager of the Seas. It boasts a rock climbing wall, ice skating rink, basketball court, roller blade track, a putt putt golf course, and many other amenities. It is basically a small city that floats. If you want a relaxing vacation with no stresses, this is the cruise ship to be on.

The Islands we visited were Hispanola, Jamaica, Grand Caymans, and Cozumel. On each island we got to do an excursion, and in order of the islands were, Kayaking, horseback riding, Snorkel and Sting Ray City, and Scuba diving. My favorite was horseback riding. My wife thinks I am weird, since her favorite was snorkeling and Stingray City. I have to admit that Stingray city was really cool, we got to feed and hold stingrays, but I really like horse back riding.

Of all the places we visited I really liked Cozumel the best, though I couldn't really say why.

The last day we pulled into Miami, and I got to spend a day with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. I think I would have enjoyed that day more, if I hadn't had severe dysentery. Yippie!

We got home Sunday night, and I had already planned to take Monday off for vacation. It was a good plan, since I was so sick. Tuesday I had hoped to be better, but my wishes had no effect. So I took that day off sick. As we were driving to the hospital, we heard that the World Trade Center had been hit, by an airplane. Then the second tower had been hit, then the pentagon. At first I was shocked, then I just felt rage. It is still there, burning slowly.

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