Grieve (grieve) wrote,


I was thinking of the irony of me having an online journal, since I am typically a very private person. Compounded by the fact that lurking in newsgroups and other online forums is not second nature to me, but first nature. I never feel compelled to speak up or add my thoughts to the ongoing discussion.

  • Bad driver

    Today while driving my wife's car home, I tried to shift it into first gear as I pulled in the driveway. Normally this would be a fine thing to do,…

  • More drive troubles

    So it looks as if the primary drive in my computer is failing. Loyal readers will remember that not too long ago the second drive in my computer…

  • Whoops!

    I forgot renew my domain name this year, and lost it for a few days. Fortunately I was able to regain it before it was permanently released.

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