Grieve (grieve) wrote,

Wonderful Day

I got out to the shooting range today, and it was great. I got to shoot a Smith & Wesson 0.22 semi-automatic pistol. It was a nice pistol, and very accurate. I was able to get a nice grouping at a range of about 45 feet. I also got to shoot an HK 9mm and a Glock 9mm. They were both pretty good, but the Glock was a little worn, as it was a rental gun. I wanted to shoot a Ruger Mark 2, but they didn't have any for rent. I am sure that I will go back to the range, and look at their collection. I have a lot of questions for them.

The best part was that my Wife and friends went with me. I really enjoyed shooting guns with them.

After the shooting range, I went and got by 4 wheeled cycle fixed. Then my wife and I went bike riding around the neighborhood.

It was a wonderful day, and it is not even over yet.

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