Grieve (grieve) wrote,

The play list I promised.

Order, Artist, Song, Album
001, Manu Chao, Welcome to Tijuana, Clandestino
002, Morcheeba, The Sea, Big Calm
003, Varttin�, K�ppee, Ilmatar
004, Paul "Earthquake" Pena, Kargyraa Moan, Genghis Blues Soundtrack
005, Plaid, Myopia, Not For Threes
006, Jeff Buckley, Mojo Pin, Grace
007, Andrew Bird and His Bowl of Fire, Wait to Talk, The Swimming Hour
008, Tom Z�, Curiosidade, Fabrication Defect
009, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks, I scare Myself, Striking it Rich
010, Armik, Lovers In Madrid, Rosas Del Amor
011, Juno Reactor, Conga Fury, Bible of Dreams
012, Ram Jam, Black Betty, Godfathers of Grunge
013, Moxy Fr�vous, King of Spain (#9), Live Noise
014, Petty Booka, On The Beach at Bali, Wild Wacky Gift
015, Randy Pease, Call Me Ishmael, Call Me Ishmael
016, They Might Be Giants, Man It's so Loud in Here, Mink Car
017, Jungle Brothers, Get Down, V.I.P.
018, RTZ Belgium Featuring Sarah, Turn Me Around (Guitar Mix), Radikal Techno Volume 2
019, Squarepusher, Come on My Selector, Big Loada
020, Apotheosis, O Fortuna, O Fortuna CD Single
021, Fanfare Cioc�rlia, Cioc�rlia si Suite, Radio Pascani
022, Camille Saint-Saens , Danse Macabre,
023, Spiritualized, Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
024, Kristin Hersh, Your Ghost, Hips and Makers
025, Zap Mama, W'happy Mama, Zap Mama
026, Lionrock, Rude Boy Rock, City Delirious
027, DJ Shadow, Building Steam With a Grain of Salt, Endtroducing
028, Ozomatli, Sue�os en Realidad, Embrace the Chaos
029, Dance Hall Crashers, Don't Wanna Behave, The Live Record
030, Unsane, Blame Me, Scattered Smothered and Covered
031, Pink Floyd, Grantchester Meadows, Ummagumma Studio Album
032, Rajamani, Korathi (Gypsy), Pakiam
033, Skylab, River of Bass, Skylab#1
034, Don Byron, Powerhouse, Bug Music
035, Andrea Parker, Breaking the Code, Kiss My Arp
036, Orbital, Old Style, The Altogether

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