Grieve (grieve) wrote,

Great Days

I took yesterday off to relax, and I got to see Harry Potter. It was really well done, but as always the book was better. After the movie I spent time with my friends playing games and hanging out. Later we jammed with two guitars and a drum. I played drum mostly. I should introduce these guys to Veloso he is always looking for someone to play music with.

Today I went to the firing range with my new gun. It is really accurate, but it kept jamming when my friends were using it. I noticed that it never jammed when I was using it. It could be that they are not holding the gun firmly enough, because it always jammed because the brass was not ejecting. This never happened while I was firing the gun, but it could just be the ammunition that I was using. Next time I take it out I will use different ammunition, and see how that goes.

At some point I will also post a picture of my gun so that all can see. Until then here is the closest picture of it I can find on the web. The only difference is that mine is not stainless steel, but has the blue finish.

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