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My friend, Geekboy, sent me a suggestion for my Word of The Unspecified Time Span (WOTUTS), and the entire message was the word "the." I thought this was comic genius. I later learned that he actually wanted to type a complete message that started with "The" and was complaining about the lengthy amount of unspecified time that had passed since the last word. Well Ok he has me there, but I was a little disappointed that his comic genius (or demi-godness as he wants it to be known (reminder to self to send Geekboy the definition of apotheosis)) was simply a mistake.

Fortunately he redeemed his comic god hood with this comment
Anyway, what's new?  Why haven't you been 
posting to your web log, which I have enjoyed 
greatly?  (It has all the great Dudley Fox 
stories and history, without the drudgery and 
inconvenience of actually talking to you.)

Well here is your update Geekboy, and I will send out a word this week.

For anyone that is interested I will add you to the WOTUTS mailing list, just send an e-mail to I promise that you will not be spammed, in fact as you can see from above the most common complaint is a dearth of output.

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