Grieve (grieve) wrote,

Scary Excitement

Last night my coworkers and I had a poker game planned. I own a set of nice poker chips, and wanted to bring them to the game. I had lent them to another friend of mine, and they were in his front closet in his house.

I called him up real quick to see if I could swing by before the game, and pick up the chips. He said that he wouldn't be there, but he did give me the access code to his garage. Nice and boring. Everything was good.

I arrive at his house, open the garage door, and walk in. Then the alarm starts to beep at me. My friend didn't tell me about any alarm. So I try to call him, but the phone is acting really crazy. I can barely here anything on it, and when I am a foot away from the base station it claims to be out of range. By the time I actually reach him the alarm has sounded, and finished sounding. It was really loud and annoying. I feel embarrassed by the whole thing, and I am apologizing to him. He gives me the code to disarm the alarm, and then tells me that the alarm will automatically call the cops. Then the phone disconnects.

At this point, I thought, oh, the cops will casually come up to the door and knock on it, and ask to see my id. I also feel that the right thing to do is hang around until they show up, so that I can explain the situation. I wish I had left.

As I am waiting I try to call my wife, and fail. The phone is acting even crazier now. As I fiddle with it I hear a noise in the garage. I think it is just the wind, because I had left the garage door wide open. Then I hear the door crack open, I walk around the wall to check it out, and it still looks like it was possible for the wind to have blown it open. Then I see somebody moving behind the crack in the door. Just as I start towards the door to see who is there it flies open, and two cops are there, guns drawn, telling me to put my hands up. I think, "Oh shit."

To my credit I didn't panic. I was very scared.

Now I am standing hands in the air, partially behind a wall. The cop yells at me to move into the clear. I didn't understand what he meant so I shuffled to the right very slowly a few inches holding my hands straight up. He then says, "I can't see you move into the clear." Now I know what he wants so I slowly walk towards him and out from behind the wall.

Did I mention that I thought the cops were just going to knock on the door, and casually ask for my id? There was nothing casual about their manner. They were extremely serious, and did not look too happy.

They beckoned me into the garage, and I walked towards them remembering to walk slowly and keep my hands in the air. Now that I had had time to absorb what was happening my heart was pounding. They asked me who I was, and if I had any id. I said that I did have an ID and that it was in my back pocket, and I slowly turned around. The cop closest to me walked toward me, and asked me if I had any weapons. I emphatically stated no. He then patted me down, and hit the roll of gold coins I had in my pocket. He asked me what they were. I felt stupid saying that they were gold coins, but I didn't hesitate to tell him. I was still squarely in the other officer's sites. At some point during this I thought I heard him say that I could put my hands down. I started to, then realized he may have said keep your hands up. So I did this strange half drop with my arms then quickly shot them straight into the air again. He must of realized that I was not a dangerous criminal, because I saw a little smile on his face as he said that I could put my hands down.

The officer pulled out my wallet, and checked my ID. He then radioed in and asked for the name of the person that the black truck was registered to. My black truck, the one I conveniently left in the driveway. They instantly responded and I heard my name come across the radio. I started to feel a little better.

The asked me how I got into the house. I told them. They asked my who lived their. I told them. They asked my if the garage door was broken when I got there. I explained that it was, and that my friend had explicitly told me not to open that garage door. You know, because it was broken. Then they asked me who lived there again. I almost laughed, because I knew what he was doing, but I just answered him again exactly as I had before. Somewhere in all of this the other cop had holstered his gun.

Then they actually apologized for putting me through all of that. I thought that was extremely nice of them. I know that a cops job is dangerous, and they have every right to be paranoid. And are in fact trained to be so. I told him that it was all right. They were just doing their jobs, and I understood.

Then they asked me, more casually, why I was here at all. I told them that I had a poker game, and just stopped by to pick up the chips. They laughed.

They then said I was free to go, and they went back outside. I went back inside, and I called my wife (after battling with the phone). Told her a quick summation of what happened, and said I was on my way home. When I went outside the cops were still there. I shut the garage door, and asked them again if I was free to go. I wanted to make sure. And they said yes, then the first cop asked my if I had gotten the poker chips. I laughed, and told him that I had already put them in my truck, and had just been waiting for them to show up. I knew they were coming, and thought I should be there.

Then I went home, feeling scared and excited.

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