July 20th, 2001

(no subject)

I've been staying up really late, and not sleepy much. It is 1:16 in the morning, and I do not even feel tired. I know that as soon as the alarm clock hits me at 8:00am I'll wish that I had gone to bed before now. Through out my life I have cycled between sleeping too much, sleeping just right sleeping to little, and I was the same way with eating and exercise. The cycles usually lasted for a week or two. This cycle has been going on for months. I wish that I could sleep.

It could be that I left my new book at my mother-in-laws house. It is really good, and I have not finished it yet. That annoys me. It also annoys me when people make a reference to something, like a book, or a movie, or some obscure piece of trivia then never tell you what they are talking about. I'm going to bed


I was thinking of the irony of me having an online journal, since I am typically a very private person. Compounded by the fact that lurking in newsgroups and other online forums is not second nature to me, but first nature. I never feel compelled to speak up or add my thoughts to the ongoing discussion.

Plastic Men

I have this strange desire to buy plastic army men. I have been wanting to buy them for about three months. I don't really even want to play with them, I just want them around in case I do want to play with them. Of course having army men will make me want to buy a BB gun to shoot them with, and a magnifying glass to melt them with, and firecrackers to blow them up with, and a hammer.