July 21st, 2001

VH1 Sucks

I have always known that MTV and VH1 are guilty for watering down their content and only showing us what they want us to see, but the other day it struck me how bad it really was as I was watching the top 100 influential bands of all time. There was no mention of Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, and many other bands considered to be classic rock that define great music. I realize that there are thousands of bands, and only 100 slots to fill, but come on. Are you telling me that Pink Floyd had no influence? None? And who has ever heard of the Grateful Dead?

This shunning of musicians extends beyond bands with their origins in the 60's the 70's. A modern example of this is Jeff Buckley. Ironically I heard of him from a cadre of VH1 artist, who were talking about their influences, but does he make the list of influential bands? Nope. If you want to hear some music that is 10 orders of magnitude better than anything VH1 or MTV has ever shown, check out his album "Grace."

Got 'em

I got my army men today. As a bonus I found some miniature army men for 48 cents. I plan to use them to fight Odin. Everyone should enjoy that.