August 24th, 2001

Lunch Break

I found the most evil C code that I have ever seen the other day.
	send(to, from, count)
	register short *to, *from;
	register count;
		register n=(count+7)/8;
		case 0:	do{	*to = *from++;
		case 7:		*to = *from++;
		case 6:		*to = *from++;
		case 5:		*to = *from++;
		case 4:		*to = *from++;
		case 3:		*to = *from++;
		case 2:		*to = *from++;
		case 1:		*to = *from++;

If you cannot figure out its purpose (I couldn't) you can get the full story surrounding it.


I went to some batting cages tonight with my wife. We both laughed at how bad we were at hitting the ball. Especially since we kept switching between hardball and softball pitch. If we do it again I would like to find some nicer batting cages. These were ok, but they kept getting stuck.