October 20th, 2001

Birthday Celebration

My wife had her birthday last week, and it was wonderful. We went out to eat at P.F. Changes, and took a limo ride. This is where you do not order anything, they just bring you dishes to try. We had the spicy chicken, and the Mongolian beef. Both were extremely tasty.

We went to go see a movie, and were trying to decide what to watch. Out of nowhere this lady came up and asked us if we wanted a free pass to see the preview of "Riding in Cars with Boys." It sounded like a cool idea, even though we had no idea what the film was about. It turned out to be really good.

Family Life

My wife and I have decided to have kids. We have talked about it for some time, and this is what we want to do. We are both excited and scared. I am hoping that the kids get my wife's looks and not mine.

Wonderful Day

I got out to the shooting range today, and it was great. I got to shoot a Smith & Wesson 0.22 semi-automatic pistol. It was a nice pistol, and very accurate. I was able to get a nice grouping at a range of about 45 feet. I also got to shoot an HK 9mm and a Glock 9mm. They were both pretty good, but the Glock was a little worn, as it was a rental gun. I wanted to shoot a Ruger Mark 2, but they didn't have any for rent. I am sure that I will go back to the range, and look at their collection. I have a lot of questions for them.

The best part was that my Wife and friends went with me. I really enjoyed shooting guns with them.

After the shooting range, I went and got by 4 wheeled cycle fixed. Then my wife and I went bike riding around the neighborhood.

It was a wonderful day, and it is not even over yet.