June 2nd, 2007

Mold and Mildew my Nemesis

At the hospital they gave us a breast pumping kit, which for the purposes of this post are just a bunch of rubber and plastic. Unfortunately we stored them in a bag, which though it looked really cute, was mildewed. We only found this out today, and the parts had 4-5 days to get all mildewy smelling. I read the manual for the parts, and learned I could sanitize them by boiling the parts for 10 minutes. Surely, I thought, this will get rid of the mildew smell.

Well it doesn't. Not even if you do it twice. Also bathing the parts in a water vinegar mixture does not get rid of the smell. My last attempt is to freeze the parts, and see if this works. If that doesn't work I am just going to have to throw it all away and buy new ones. Which is really irritating, because they are fairly expensive, and how in the hell does a mildew smell persist after 20 minutes, in two ten minutes sessions, of boiling?