July 14th, 2007


I was trying to find a word for a person who is war like, because of their religion. There was of course jihadist, but that is fairly specific to Islam, and I wanted something more general. I present for your enjoyment: relligerent.

I had to invent it myself, but I think the meaning is self evident. Try to use it regularly to get it adopted into our ever growing lexicon.


This afternoon while I was shredding all of our junk mail, yes I am that paranoid, I had a wonderful idea for a company. Shred by mail. The concept is simple. If you want the business to shred something you simply mail it to them. They will then shred it, and send an invoice to the return address. It would cost $9.97 per month and you could send as much mail as you wanted. You only pay for the months you use.