December 23rd, 2007

Izzy and the Clot

My coworker was missing this week. I assumed he was just on vacation for the holidays, but later I learned he was in the hospital. I was surprised he had been in that long. He woke up one morning unable to breath. They assumed at first it was a problem with his AC, since he had just had work done on it. It turned out to be a blood clot, most likely caused from sitting on an airline flight.

I think he was released this Friday, and hope he is feeling better.

Christmas and Sick Babies

We celebrated Christmas with my family this year, and it was most enjoyable. Except that my son appears to have either a bacterial infection or a virus. If he does not feel better soon we are going to have to take him to the doctors. We are scared he will get too dehydrated if we don't.

My Sister's son was just released from the hospital for a similar problem. I hope we don't have to take him in, because I hope he is gets better on his own. Tomorrow morning we should have a better idea.

Golden Compass

dragado and I saw the Golden Compass this past Thursday. All religious controversy aside, I found it to be a highly entertaining movie. I think a whole lot of stuff was left out of the book, but such is Hollywood.

Crazy Work

The other day one of my managers asked me if I was going to be working over the mandatory vacation days we are required to take. Um???

Some managers just don't get it.