May 25th, 2008


I finally managed some time this week to practice the guitar, a constant challenge with everything going on right now, and my wrists are killing me. This means I was practicing with my hands in the wrong position. :(

One more thing to practice. :)

Titan's Party Declared a Success!

Titan turned one year old this week, and yesterday we celebrated his birthday with family. It was great fun, but Titan's eating schedule was totally thrown off by the cake. He did do a good job of destroying it once he figured out that cake is food. The place we ordered the cake from throws in a free "photo-op" cake for younger children, allowing Titan to destroy one cake while leaving plenty of cake for the adults and older children. I thought it was an excellent idea!

He also received a great many presents, and we will have to now sort through his old toys and cull them out. A chore I never thought I would look forward to, but anything that reduces the number of items in our house is now a blessing.