Grieve (grieve) wrote,

More on primes

I finally updated my prime number program to handle being interrupted. Now it will pick up right where it left off. I also discovered that the big number library that I was using NTL has a built in function to determine if a number is prime. There is however one catch. It doesn't actually prove that the number is prime, it just proves that it is probably prime. It does this very fast and efficiently using the Miller-Witness test. If anyone out there cares to prove that the Riemann hypothesis is true, then the Miller-Witness test would actually be proving that the numbers are prime.

Until such a time, I will have to take the list of probably prime numbers and prove them with a separate program. The last one I used was primo, and it took over 300 hours to try and prove that the 9677th Fibonacci number was prime. Unfortunately I had to stop my machine before it could finish. So get cracking on that Riemann hypothesis proof.

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