Grieve (grieve) wrote,

Diplomacy by e-mail

I just recently learned that you can play Diplomacy by e-mail. This is really exciting, because I have been wanting to play Diplomacy for a long time. I played once when I was in my teens, but could never get anyone else to play since then. I signed up for my first game right away.

I also found that I could host one of the judges. After about 5 days of hard work I finally got it working. The judge code was really easy to set up, but getting my MTA to work behind a firewall was incredibly painful. I finally figured out my mistake, I was trying to have qmail send mail to the /var/mail/"username", but you have to have root access to update the file. qmail runs as its own user, so it was unable to append any messages to the file. Once I figured that out, everything else went smoothly.

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