Grieve (grieve) wrote,

Another day, Another Ride!

The ride was fun today if a little chilly. We hit the road about 10, swung by E's house because he forgot his jacket liner, sissy, and went up 1431 to Marble falls. I lead the way, followed by E and D & S. The line at Blue Bonnet wasn't too long, but as always there was a line. D and S were ill prepared for the cold weather, and decided to head back to Austin after the Blue Bonnet Cafe. I think they may have stopped by a clothing store to buy warmer pants or long jons, but E and I forged ahead to Llano. We took 281 to 71 with E in the lead, and made good time.

There was a little confusion after I made a wrong turn, but we quickly straightened it out. The line at Coopers was really long, longer than I had ever seen it. Almost to the back of the building around the corner. That was good though, because it gave us time to digest our Blue Bonnet meal.

We dined on Pork chops, and as usual it was delicious. We saw a ton of motorcycles at Coopers. There were some at Blue Bonnet, but not nearly as many.

We decided to head back 29, to 183, to 2243. I forgot how boring 29 was, and vow to never take it again for as I long as I remember how boring it is.

Over all it was a great time.
Tags: motorcycle

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