Grieve (grieve) wrote,

Diaper changing theory and practice

  1. Remove dirty diaper
  2. Clean baby
  3. Clean hands
  4. Put clean diaper on the baby. Done!

  1. Remove dirty diaper
  2. Random Event:
    1. Baby pees on self: goto step 3
    2. Baby poops on self: goto step 3
    3. Baby pees on you: goto step 3
    4. Luckily nothing happens: continue from the last step you left from.
  3. Clean baby
  4. Goto step 2
  5. Clean hands
  6. Goto step 2
  7. Put clean diaper on the baby.
  8. If baby immediately dirties the diaper again go to step 1.
  9. Done!

I should make these into a flow chart. It would make more sense. Maybe tomorrow.
Tags: baby

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