Grieve (grieve) wrote,

It's good to have a goal.

I eat Chili's very often, and know quite a few of the wait staff there. As a game I started trying to memorize the table numbers and server numbers. I am not allowed to look at the table map. I am only allowed to ask my server the table number. It is far easier to memorize the server numbers, as they have a face to go with them.

As the game continued, we (I eat there with two friends) decided the goal of the game is to get the same number for the table and server. The rules are we cannot ask to be seated anywhere special it has to occur naturally/randomly.

Today we sat at table 23, and our server was 23! Extra bonus for us that 23 is prime. Our server was a little confused when we asked him for his server number, but then he just laughed when we celebrated our goal achievement.

It only took about 8 months for our server number and table number to match, so we should achieve another victory in 8 months time. Of course we may change our goal.
Tags: goals

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