Grieve (grieve) wrote,

Morally Reprehensible Guilty Pleasures

One of my far too many guilty pleasures is watching Celebrity Fit Club. This season featured 8 Celebrities: Warren G, Kimberly Locke, Da Brat, Cledus T. Judd, Maureen McCormick, Tiffany, Ross Matthews, and Dustin Diamond.

When you throw 8 strangers together, and them force them into competition there is going to be some conflict. In most cases civilized adults will work it out themselves, and either resolve the conflict, or at the very least agree to civilly ignore each other.

Dustin Diamond, apparently, thrives on conflict. His presence on the show was nothing but one reprehensible action after another, and to make it worse he seems totally clueless. Each effort of the other cast mates to reconcile was shunned or blatantly shot down. Sadly the producers of the show, for whatever reason never banned him. I can understand giving a person a second chance, but the second time Dustin displayed his true colors I would have simply had him removed from the show.

Sadly his actions probably boosted the shows ratings, and as cynical as I can be I believe they kept him on the show for that alone.

On a positive note Maureen had the highest weight loss, based on percent of weight lost, of anyone for all seasons.

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