Grieve (grieve) wrote,

Stand Before me and be Judged (Digitally)

I have too many side projects to ever finish them all:
  1. Juggernaut - An esoteric language where all byte streams are a valid program - fallen to the sands of time never completed
  2. Soaphack - Adding a soap class to nethack - I have it partially completed, and it is actually playable, but there are so many more interaction to add between soap and the normal objects that I just lost steam
  3. Automated Game tracker for Evernight - never got past the prototype.
  4. Model airplane - still in the box
  5. And on and on...

However there is one project I have been working on, off and on, for about a year, which is really starting to gain some traction, which in this case means it has actually held my interest, and I am still working on it, albeit slowly. A judgment engine.

The idea is that you can codify a set of rules, which will then be used in an engine inside of a game. For example you codify the rules of the old testament and all actions of the player in the game are passed through the judgment engine. At the end of the game the engine can tell you how well the person did following the rules of the old testament (does he go to heaven or hell). Ideally the engine is general enough that you can load any rule set you can codify. The trick is in codifying the rules.

In the first phase I am going to write a utility program to help me edit the Bible down to only those versus which make clear (or at least fairly clear) rules to be followed. This will give me a baseline for the types of actions the judgment engine (and its codification) will have to be able to handle. I have a feeling the codification is going to be a language of its own, but hopefully simpler than a full fledged programming language.
Tags: programming

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