Grieve (grieve) wrote,

Posting emergency

Some of my readers (3? 4?) noticed that I did not hold up my end of the wager this week. That is partially true. It is true that I did not post 5 posts and 1 image, which is what I need to do to fulfill my part of the wager, but there is an emergency clause in the wager.

I am allowed to cease all posting in the case of an emergency, and so I did.

It turns out my wife had to have a surgery, we learned about it on Wednesday, and they scheduled the surgery on Thursday. It was a rough week. As surgeries go it wasn't as serious as open heart surgery, but going under the knife is never an ideal situation. We also had an excellent surgeon who was very articulate, competent, and actually nice.

I would Also like to thank eds3 and chikuru for continuing to post even when they didn't have to. The emergency rule relieves both members from posting regardless of who invokes it.
Tags: emergency, hospital, surgery, wager

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