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My friend and blog buddy, chikuru and his wife raaga123 hosted a recital today. I had great fun, and sang two Corn Mo songs for my part. The first song I sang was Lollipop, and every time I sang the word lollipop, often, I threw lollipops into the audience. I think over all it was a good effect, but I felt a little bad about how many ended up on the floor underneath chairs and furniture. Hopefully they will forgive me for that. I also sang What's That, a fun little song about sunshine and cotton candy. You can see chikuru's comment about the recital as well.

It was also really nice, because I got to invite my other blog buddy eds3 and his wife whimsy1030. They didn't choose to perform, but I hope they had a good time. Later they threw me in the trunk of their car, so I could test the emergency release pull, which glows in the dark. It was harder to use than I expected it to be, mainly because the trunk is not spring loaded. Now if I am ever trapped in the trunk of a Ford Focus I will know that I have to simultaneously pull the lever, and push up on the trunk to get out.

And lastly it was nice to see my wife and son enjoy not just me singing, but all of the other people who performed as well. Some of the highlights for me were: Easy Like Sunday Morning where we all got to sing along with the 'aaaaah aaah' part, R., livingdeb's R., singing at a recital for the first time, some good Crosby, Stills, and Nash by M. and H., a hilarious version of Stairway to Heaven by D, and a Welsh song about lollipops by Raaga123. Ok it wasn't really about lollipops, but it was in welsh, and Raaga123 said it could be about lollipops to me if I really wanted it to be. :)

I had prepared several songs to sing, and only sang two of the four before I had to go, but I can save those two for next time. It is probably better, since they weren't as well themed as the first two.
Tags: corn mo, lollipop, music, recital

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