Grieve (grieve) wrote,

I Lost The Wager :(

For those keeping track, you may have noticed that I only posted 4 times last week. One shy of my 5 per week minimum to keep from losing my two separate wagers one with chikuru and one with eds3. I was in the middle of negotiating a third wager with another friend of mine, but thankfully it wasn't finalized.

I did not intentionally lose, nor did I miscount. I was all ready to make my 5th post, got distracted, and then fell asleep. Lame, I know.

Now the point of the wager was to motivate me to post every week, so I was sad to lose not just because of the monetary loss, or the shame itself (and I am ashamed), but also for potentially ending a fun motivator for me.

The good news is chikuru agreed to continue the bet. The only stipulation is that I have to buy him a tiny Amy's Ice Cream with hot fudge topping. AND eds3 also agreed to let me continue the bet provided I buy him some marble slab ice cream. The exact times and dates are to be worked out later. It is nice to have gracious winners as friends.

So the wager continues!
Tags: wager

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