Grieve (grieve) wrote,

That's a lot of floppies

Back when I first started really understanding how computers worked (on my second computer, a 386) I used to compare the size of hard drives and cds to the number of floppies it would take to hold all that data. For instance and 100MB hard drive is equivalent to ~69 3.5 HD floppy disks.

So I was wondering how many floppies you would need to store every possible MD5 hash, I whipped up a little python program to help me. I also added some other units to give you some idea of the magnitude of the numbers involved. Note that I am using the programmers version of megabyte (1024*1024 bytes) etc.
Space needed to store all possible MD5 hashes
5444517870735015415413993718908291383296 bytes
5316911983139663491615228241121378304 kilobytes
5192296858534827628530496329220096 megabytes
3692299988291432980288352945223179 3.5 high density floppies
7988149013130504043893071275723 cds 650Mb version
5070602400912917605986812821504 gigabytes
1078851574833345673835790826676 dvds single sided single layer
202824096036516704239472512860 blueray single layer disks
101412048018258352119736256430 blueray double layer disks
13611294676837538538534984297 units of the largest hardrive in my house
4951760157141521099596496896 terabytes
3961408125713216879677197516 human brains
264093875047547791978479834 libraries of congress
4835703278458516698824704 petabytes
859680582837069635346614 google server farms (estimated)
54445178707350154154139 Data's (From Star Trek)
4722366482869645213696 exabytes
29514790517935282585 units of world storage as of 2006
4722366482869645213 units of world storage projected for 2010
4611686018427387904 zettabytes
2419785720326673517 units of information in 1 gram of DNA
4503599627370496 yottabytes

If you want the English name of the number, then use this page

And for comparison here is this table:
Space needed to store all 32 bit integers
17179869184 bytes
16777216 kilobytes
16384 megabytes
11650 3.5 high density floppies
25 cds 650Mb version
16 gigabytes
3 dvds single sided single layer
Tags: floppies, md5, python, storage

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