Grieve (grieve) wrote,

The acceptance of all things alternative

I have been amazed with the intelligent people who are willing to accept things like acupuncture. In two separate conversations with two separate people, both of whom I consider to be intelligent, one works in IT, we'll call him Izzy, and one is actually a molecular biologist working with stem cell research, we will call him Stemmy, both thought the use of acupuncture was fine.

Izzy said I was being closed minded, though could not explain to me how acupuncture actually worked. And Stemmy said if it helps people then why not.

In the case of Stemmy I backed down quickly, since we were at a polite dinner party, and I had just met him. With Izzy I pressed very hard, and I think it was to my detriment. I felt he was digging in as a response to my questions. I need to think of a way to overcome that, and maybe be a little more light handed in the matter. I did send him some articles on why acupuncture is not real, and he said I should look at the pro acupuncture literature. Fair enough.

The one trend I noticed in both Stemmy and Izzy is that they both had friends or family who believed or used acupuncture. I can only theorize that they are loathe to slam acupuncture, because it would be like slamming their friends/family. I am not asking them to reject their friends and family though, just acupuncture.

Still I respect Stemmy and Izzy, I just don't understand their acceptance of acupuncture, whatever the reason.
Tags: acupuncture, skepticism, woo

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