Grieve (grieve) wrote,

New Year's Resolutions

I generally try to make resolutions I know I can keep. One year I resolved to be meaner to eds3, that was a bad year for him. Another year I resolved to always answer weak ego questions, "Does this shirt look good on me?", immediately and without hesitation with the most undesired answer possible, "No!" I didn't make any new friends that year and even lost some. My favorite was the year I resolved to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted with no guilt. That was a good year, but I did gain about 20 pounds.

This year I wanted to make some resolutions that were more beneficial, at least to me, and a little more of a challenge. Here they are, and feel free to harass me if you see me breaking one of them. In no order.

  • Lose weight. Target is 205 or less.
    • Exercising more is part of this resolution.
  • Post more regularly, instead of all at once on Sunday evening.
  • Complete my regex generator project (thanks to those that have already helped me with that).
  • Get more sleep. I tend to stay up too late, and then I tend to be cranky.

Have a happy New Year, and I hope you are able to keep your resolutions if you make any.

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