Grieve (grieve) wrote,

A Good Day

Yesterday I got pulled over on my way to work, because my inspection sticker was expired. It expired December 2007, then I learned that I was carrying my old proof of insurance, not my current one.

To make life better I had to sit in a traffic jam for 15 minutes to let a wreck clear up (still on my way to work).

Later at lunch, when I was getting my car inspected, my credit card was denied. I learned it was due to the credit card company putting a security hold on my card for a recurring monthly charge that had been on my card for over two years. I still am not sure exactly why that flagged it, but my friends suspect it was an upgrade in their fraud detection software.

That night I learned that my newegg ordered wouldn't go through, because my credit card was denied (see above), and all the combo deals I used on that order no longer exist. So when I tried to recreate the order it was for much more than I budgeted.

All and all it was a good day.

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