Grieve (grieve) wrote,


One of my friends, Legend, accused me of purposefully making my journal pedestrian. I thought it was hilarious, so though he will never read this I dedicate this post to Legend and pedestrians everywhere.
John Q. Babbit walked across the street with the crowd. He wanted to get to his car quickly to beat the traffic, because he had to attend his children's soccer game that night. He idly wondered if his son's team would win, and then bumped into the man in front of him. Who, for some reason, had stopped. He muttered, "excuse me," and peered over the other mans shoulder. Apparently a elderly lady had fallen down. A woman in the crowd helped her up, several people look concerned enough, and then everyone carried on as if nothing had happened. John thought the older woman must have slipped on a spot of grease or oil, as she didn't look frail. Finally he was across the street and on his way to the parking garage. It looked as if he would be in time for the game.
Tags: pedestrian

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