Grieve (grieve) wrote,

More Movie quotes

This one should be a lot easier, as they all have a common theme if you can figure it out.

  1. "My boy has super-strength! How can I be mad?"
    Steve Stronghold in Sky High
    Correctly guessed by raaga123

  2. "Fear"
    "Fear and discipline"

    Todd and Sandra from Soldier
    Correctly guessed by eds3

  3. "I took something. I can see things other men cannot see. Why are you dressed like that?"
    Jack Burton from Big Trouble Little China
    Correctly guessed by eds3

  4. "Remember, once you're inside you're on your own."
    "Oh, you mean I can't count on you?"

    Bob Hauk and Snake Plisken from Escape From New York
    Correctly guessed by eds3

  5. "Guys like me die caught. Guys like you die bloody."


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